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Dr. Sánchez Alepuz will take part as speaker on the VI International Congress of Readaptation and Sports and Physical Activity Injuries Prevention

Press Releases | 22 de Octubre de 2019

Doctor Eduardo Sánchez Alepuz, OTS service chief of IMED Valencia Hospital and President of the Spanish Arthroscopy Association (AEA) will be speaker in the VI International Congress focused on injuries in Sports and Physical Activity, that will take place in Valencia.

The subject of the lecture will be “Shoulder injuries in racket sports: from the injury till reintegration”.

The shoulder is a joint with very sepcific features; it has superior mobility compared to any other joint in the body and with extent of movement almost global in all levels and axes in space. All this extent of movement is related to a large stability of the joint, which makes the shoulder joint to not suffer dislocations, despite forcing it with even extreme movements.

Shoulder injuries in racket sports, range from internal clamping, different acuteness level injuries on the rotator cuff, long portion of the biceps injury, microinstabilty and bigger instability, any of them, require multidisciplinary work that range from early detection of the injury, suitable initial treatment and functional readaptation to sports activity once the injury is solved.

The congress will take place the 24th, 25th and 26th of January 2020 on the Complex Esportiu – Cultural Petxina, in Valencia.