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Our view: We take care of your health!

Taking care of people health is not only to treat the disease, is to take care of prevention, life habits and quality assistance too. People ir more and more active on their health management, they have more information and make more decisions. IMED Valencia is a different assistance model that is based on the alignment with this new model, coworking with people for their well-being and health management.

A different model

A full, multidisciplinary and personalized health assistance.

Adds the latest technology of prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The service that offers IMED is more than a traditional medical assistance. The objective is to promote loyalty, create a more stable link with people and based in taking care of health. What does it means "full"?

  • It offers all medical services in the same environment.
  • With the same professional team.
  • Combined with new technology: online clinical history, APP IMED hospitals…

A close professional team

The professional team –doctors, nurses, health assistants and administratives-. And the hospital model – logistics and architecture- wants to obtain a high level of satisfaction from the patients. This full assistance is only possible if we have a professional team that works only for IMED. Moreover, the nurse team is very important because they have direct contact with patients.

Excellent facilities directed to well-being, to make easier the intelligent flow.

ISO Valencia

The building of IMED Valencia hospital is designed to reach people intelligent flow. We want that their visit to the hospital, it doesn't matter if it is in the outpatients clinic, hospitalization or emergency, has a logical and efficient path so that patients don’t have to be on different floors and areas to make some medical test. All information shows that an improvement of facilities is a benefit of the evolution of health

The most advanced technology directed to care and improvement of people health.

IMED Valencia has the most advanced medical technology in areas as imaging diagnosis, oncological radiotherapy or the surgical system. We believe that hospitals have to change their general concept, and focus on humanization of some areas and with professionals, technology has an important role..