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First bariatric surgery assisted with da Vinci robot in the Valencian Community.

Press Releases | 18 de Diciembre de 2018

Valencia, 18.12.18 - The first bariatric surgery assisted by da Vinci robotic system in the Valencian Community has been performed in IMED Valencia hospital by its General Surgery and Digestive System team, headed by Dr. Antonio Alberola, as Chief of General Surgery Service and Digestive System of the Hospital IMED Valencia,  as well as coordinator and head of Robotic Surgery da Vicni, together with Dr. Antonio Vazquez and Dr. Carla  Navarro.

The surgery, was performed to a 30 years old patient with morbid obesity, which consisted in the performance of a gastric Bypass with da Vinci Xi robotic system, first surgery of these characteristics performed in the Valencian Community. This surgery, considered as “gold standard” of the bariatric surgery, has contrasted benefits for diabetic patients (improve glucose levels),  with morbid obesity or with body mass index (BMI) over 45.

This technique acts in two ways: on one hand in a restrictive way, the patient feel less need of food due to stomach reduction; and on the other hand, in an absorptive way, because of the intestine reduction, the patient doesn’t assimilate well some kind of food what makes him stop eating it, for example, fat food or with lots of sugar.

The robotic system da Vinci is, nowadays, the only technology available to access a real robotic surgery.

By da Vinci robotic surgery we understand the last evolution of minimally invasive surgery, posterior to laparoscopy, in which the surgeon doesn’t operate with his hands, but manipulating a robot in the distance, remaining seated in a console installed in the OR. The computer system turns hands movements in impulses that are transferred to the robotic arms.

In Dr. Antonio Alberola Soler words, “Robotic surgery is an evolution of laparoscopic surgery. In this case, when   the surgery is performed through a robotic system we gain in security and accuracy, the patient and the surgeon, obtaining better postop results and less recovery time for the patient”.

The advantages to perform this technique with da Vinci robotic system are:

  • 3D image that makes easier a better accuracy and stability.
  • More natural and intuitive instrumental movement with tremor filter.
  • Less blood loss
  • Easy and safe suture and reconstructions.
  • Hospitalization reduction
  • Faster recovery to normal life.

Indicated procedures with da Vinci Xi

For Dr. Alberola “nowadays da Vinci Xi robotic system is specially indicated in pathologies of urology, gynaecology and general and digestive surgery”.

Moreover, as Dr. Antonio Alberola says, “any surgery that is performed by laparoscopy, that are the most of them, can be performed by robotic surgery, and as more difficult is the surgery, more indicated is the robot”.

Postoperative with robotic surgery

Patient’s recovery is very important. As studies show, robotic surgery reduce hospitalization time and allows a faster recovery back to normal activities, and produces in the patient less postoperative pain.

In this sens, Dr. Alberola indicates us that “the patient’s recovery is similar to a laparoscopic surgery, but improved, because the robot avoid involuntary movements that produce lessions and traumas,  reducing bleeding risk in the intervention and pain during recovery process and so, hospitalization is less and quickly discharged”.

At the same time, insurances know that there is a scientific evidence that robotic surgery is good for patients and, it is interesting to offer it in their services portfolio, so more and more companies are including it in their policies. In fact, bariatric surgery performed with da vinci robot has been totally covered by the insurance company Generali.

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