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Oftalvist ophthalmology service take part in worldwide level clinical trials to avoid blindness

Press Releases | 23 de Mayo de 2019

Patient’s assistance by Oftalvist ophthalmology service of IMED Valencia is based in sustained innovation in different ways of diagnosis and treatment for eye diseases. Nowadays, research take part in clinical trials programmes to access the newest treatment for macular degeneration related with age, retina venous thrombosis, and eye impairment caused by diabetes.

 “Nowadays, treatment options for high risk blindness pathologies as diabetic retinopathy or macular degeneration related to age, are limited. Normally obtained results depend on intravitreal injections and regular appointments for patients” point out Dr. Roberto Gallego Pinazo from the Oftalvist Retina and Macula Unit, driver of these clinical trials.

Because of this, Oftalvist is involved in research projects with new molecules intended to improve existent results and to reduce the number of intravitreal injections needed.

Moreover, Oftalvist has the most accurate and modern technology for macula diseases diagnosis, including high resolution optical coherence and retinal angiography without contrast. “This technology is used in the International Space Station by the NASA to evaluate astronauts eye health”, qualifies the doctor.

Any patient that is interested in taking part on theses clinical trials can contact with Oftalvist service.