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The maternity service of IMED Valencia take a stand as reference in the city

Press Releases | 3 de Diciembre de 2018

Patricia, little Olivier’s mum, arrived just by chance to the emergency service of the hospital IMED Valencia searching for a second medical opinion because, even if she was told in another hospital that everything was okay, she felt something was wrong. And she was right, because when the gynaecologists team of IMED Valencia saw her and performed the medical examintaion, decided to admit her in observation with antibiotics and corticoids treatment to speed up the maturity of  baby’s organs suspecting he was going to be premature.

As Patricia tell us, “if I had never decided to come to this hospital I had lost my son at home”.

Patricia had an infection, she started with contractions and a C-section had to be performed urgently just 48 hours after she was admitted. The birth was okay, despite the severity, and Olivier was born with just 27 weeks + 1 day - considered as extreme premature- With 32,5 height and just 650 grams weight. As all extreme premature babies, born before 28 weeks, Olivier hadn’t his organs developed and had a high risk of morbility and mortality. He suffered a big pulmonary immaurity that doesn’t allow him to breath by his own so when he was born he was inmediately moved to  the Neonatal ICU where he had to be connected to mechanical ventilation, that would be extended during weeks, with the administration of endotracheal sufractant to accelerate pulmonary maturity.

During his days in the Naonatal ICU, almost 4 months – 112 days to be exact- , due to his extreme prematurity, he suffered different sepsis, two cardiorespiratory arrest, a retinopathy that needed intraocular treatment by the ophtalmology service, a congenital heart disease with patent ductus arteriosus that responded to pharmacological treatment, an hepatic cholestasis and a 2nd grade brain bleeding, that was reabsorbed during the first weeks of life.

Breastfeeding, skin to skin contact and 24h open doors

 “Since the first moment we wanted that Olivier’s feeding was her mom’s milk, the best one for any baby and, specially, for a premature baby. In the beginnig, he was feeded with removed mom’s milk that had to be administered by orogastric tube due to his state and abilities, till he was capable to complete suction feed”. Added Lidia Gil, Nurses Supervisor of the Neonatal-Pediatric ICU of  IMED Valencia hospital.

One of the advantages of  IMED Valencia hospital Neonatal ICU is to offer a 24 hours open doors intensive care unit so the parents can spend all the time they need with their baby. About this, Patricia shared with us that “when my son had bad moments I stayed all night by his side, staring at him, observing, which relieved me”. To continue saying, “I just have thank words for all those people and professionals that work in IMED Valencia, midwifes, gynaecologists, pediatricians, assistants, nurses, wardens, receptionists, cafeteria…, they treated us wonderful”.

Pediatrics unit super specialised

Dr. Natalia Julve, head and coordinator of the NICU of IMED Valencia hospital and also specialised in neuropediatrics, was very close to baby Olivier’s evolution every moment. “It’s been a difficult case, as all extreme premature babies. We had to solve multiple health problems that appeared. Fortunately, in IMED Valencia we have a human team and the technology needed that let us work successfully with extreme premature babies. Olivier is a strong kid, he is healthy and, finally, after 4 months, at home with his parents”.