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The Traffic Injured Attention Unit of IMED Valencia offers health assistance in all areas

Press Releases | 15 de Marzo de 2019

Valencia, 12.03.19. with more than 100.000 traffic accidents with victims that happened in Spain last year, it is more and more needed to have specialised units to assist traffic injured patients in public and private health that coordinate and manage not only the difficult multidisciplinary health assistance, but also the administrative management.

IMED Valencia Hospital has the Traffic Injured Attention Unit (UALT), that emerges because it is needed to provide a suitable and correct assistance coordination for the traffic injured patient, and a fast management with insurance companies paperwork attached to the UNESPA agreement, which represents more than 200 insurance companies and reinsurers.

UNESPA agreement, in its framework agreement of health assistance derived from traffic accidents, require to all the attached centers, as it is the case of IMD Valencia, to provide a fast and full health assistance to injured patients, overcome the minimum quality requirements established, overcome inspection system or audit that guarantee the strict compliance of the demanded requirements, to offer free choice of health center to the traffic patients , and to use CAS system, that fasts and simplifies information exchange procedures and electronic billing management.

The access to this unit is simple for patients, they have two options. On one hand, access directly to the emergency service of  IMED Valencia hospital, where the traffic doctor will assist him, that is the responsible to manage and coordinate the clinical and administrative assistance for patient’s comfort. On the other hand, with authorization from the insurance company to be assisted in IMED Valencia Hospital.

“It is important to know that anyone that suffers a traffic accident can come to our hospital and be assisted without paying, because it is covered by the insurance company of the culprit part in the accident”, point out Dr. Vicente. The doctor adds “if I stand in patient’s shoes, it is very comfortable to come to a hospital as IMED, to be assisted in a fast emergency service and moreover complete all the treatment and tests needed in a setting like this one”.

Main advantages

To have a multidisciplinary Traffic Injured Attention Unit imply some  advantages that benefit directly the patient. In this sense, Dr. Ignacio Vicente points out that “ the Traffic Injured Attention Unit is closely related with hospital’s technical equipment and human staff so, even if it is a separated assistance unit, it coordinates and offer health assistance in all areas of the hospital”.

Main advantages can be sum up in:

  • Free assistance for the patient and his partener
  • Full multidisciplinary service, in which different units and services from the hospital work , as physiotherapy, neurosurgery, orthopedics, ICU, diagnosis tests, etc.
  • Fast and efficient unit. The traffic unit is integrated in the 24 hours emergency service of the hospital IMED Valencia, to assist you in a fast way 365 days a year.
  • With UNESPA agreement. The hospital is in charge to deal with insurance companies for patient’s comfort and peace.
  • Health assistance in all languages. IMED Valencia hospital has a qualified staff for patient’s attention in main languages.